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About Us


An attractive design and a flexible control: this is what distinguishes our web sites. Based on our own web application - SoftWebsite, we give you a possibility to change the structure and the contents of your site at any time and any place.

  To the newest version of SoftWebsite is added a RSS feed for the news from the site.

  On our site a page for the frequently asked questions is added .
What we offer

You want a web site but you don’t know how to start it, or you are already familiar with existing technologies and you know what to search for? In each case we are ready to help you.

  What we offer you is a technologically up to date site with many functional possibilities, improved security and conforming to the current web standards.

  Our services include from a whole web site creation to its regular support and training for the responsible personnel.

  We are willing to consult with you and help you to make a rational structure and organize information in the site that the lead up to a maximum value in the Internet space.

  We assure the popularity of each site created as we publish in the most popular directories and more than 100 search engines in the world.

  We offer guidance necessary and appropriate to your business site.

  A free support to your site for the first 6 months.

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